Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thursday 22nd January 2009

G'day everyone. America and it seems the world is rejoicing and celebrating that America has a new President. Well I am NOT. Barack Obama is a SOCIALIST. Socialism can only mean doom and worsening life for the citizens of America and the world.
Whilst Conservatism is not the most perfect politics it is LOT better than Socialism.
Socialism is STATE OWNERSHIP, the state (country) OWNS YOU and YOU lose your independence. Higher taxation and more restrictions on what you can do and say and where you can go. And more political corruption.
I fear
that with the most powerful person in the world now being a socialist the world is going to be a WORST place to live in.
Australia where I now live is socialist, the UK is socialist and so are many of the most powerful nations in the world like Russia and China. We are heading for VERY bad times world wide. Although the present world-wide bad economical situation was done in conservative political times it was caused by the greed of bosses and the public who live on credit rather than a real life sustainable economical life, the must have society. Socialism will NOT create individual wealth nor better health. There will be a down-turn on what the individual can spend their money on, what they can do and public services like health care will worsen.
The American public have voted in a man who is going to ruin their country and spread his evil political views around the world. THE WORLD IS GOING TO BE WORST FROM NOW ON. Only the elderly will remember the GOOD TIMES the world had.

The ONLY forms of life that socialism has been successful is in some colonies of ants, bees and wasps and in these the workers, soldiers and other specialised groups are mostly sterile females. Hmmm makes me wonder with the increase in homosexuals in the world and thus creating a sterile form of life are these part of the world-wide trend of socialism? Something to ponder about until another time.

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  1. I suspect we are on a party line here, I just said this to my father word for word (few others have dared to in the media) and there you go repeating every comment I did. Why the Americans elected their equivalent of Tony Blair when they have no left wing party is a mystery to me and probably everyone else, but will get such a shock in a few years when he starts turning it into the London Borough of Camden. Watch out America, it's coming your way.
    Road humps on Route 66, hopefully anyone who tries that sort of stunt will get lynched.