Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thursday 22nd January 2009

G'day everyone. America and it seems the world is rejoicing and celebrating that America has a new President. Well I am NOT. Barack Obama is a SOCIALIST. Socialism can only mean doom and worsening life for the citizens of America and the world.
Whilst Conservatism is not the most perfect politics it is LOT better than Socialism.
Socialism is STATE OWNERSHIP, the state (country) OWNS YOU and YOU lose your independence. Higher taxation and more restrictions on what you can do and say and where you can go. And more political corruption.
I fear
that with the most powerful person in the world now being a socialist the world is going to be a WORST place to live in.
Australia where I now live is socialist, the UK is socialist and so are many of the most powerful nations in the world like Russia and China. We are heading for VERY bad times world wide. Although the present world-wide bad economical situation was done in conservative political times it was caused by the greed of bosses and the public who live on credit rather than a real life sustainable economical life, the must have society. Socialism will NOT create individual wealth nor better health. There will be a down-turn on what the individual can spend their money on, what they can do and public services like health care will worsen.
The American public have voted in a man who is going to ruin their country and spread his evil political views around the world. THE WORLD IS GOING TO BE WORST FROM NOW ON. Only the elderly will remember the GOOD TIMES the world had.

The ONLY forms of life that socialism has been successful is in some colonies of ants, bees and wasps and in these the workers, soldiers and other specialised groups are mostly sterile females. Hmmm makes me wonder with the increase in homosexuals in the world and thus creating a sterile form of life are these part of the world-wide trend of socialism? Something to ponder about until another time.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monday 19th January 2009

G'day, Global WORMING, yes you did read that right - worming - not warming. Worms those wriggly things used by those who fish as a bait to catch fish. All the talk about global warming is really like the politicians and some people with a financial interest dangling a worm on a hook and then the gullible public think 'oh that looks interesting, I'll have some of that and then they get hooked and caught and hey the politicians etc then decide to introduce a new tax which they call Carbon Footprint Tax. It has happened before that is what taxation is all about find something that people are using a lot or have a lot and just add another tax. Who cares if people are suffering because more taxation and that there is insufficient proof to warrant the need for such all they have to do is find some 'experts' (Ex means "has been" - and a Pert means "cheeky") to say whatever is needed to justify the new tax. Hello you foolish tax payers and global warming believers you have been caught by the worm.

I quote from The Australian newspaper of the 6th January 2009. "David Evans, a former advisor to the Australian Greenhouse office, the precursor to the Department of Climate Change, said that although events such as those of January 1939, were too localised to draw implications on global warming, the 70 years since these maximums reached was enough to "make you sceptical". "The debate has changed," he said, "I predict by 2010 (my emphasis) the only people who will believe in anthropomorphic global warming will be those who have a financial interest in it, the political correct and those who believe in big government. Everyone else will think it is a load of rubbish."

I live in the State of South Australia, Australia. I am amazed how quiet the global warming people are about that in January 1908, yes 101 years ago, the temperatures far exceeded the daily maximum for January for most of the month and at temperatures rarely seen since for the month. Excuse me but were there reports THEN of global warming? NO, no, no.

I'll end this blog with a tip for the politicians world-wide why not put a Carbon Footprint Tax of say $2,200 (Australian dollars which is about 1,000 pounds UK) a year on every computer, scanner, printer, mobile phone, game machine etc because think of all that energy being used in making the things and using them Oh I forgot the global warming people will complain that THEY are being financially hit and it is important that they have access to such technology to try and frighten others.

Global warmers go and sling your hooks elsewhere and dangle your worms up your backsides as that is where the stuff you want is there to eat and enjoy.

Cheers until next time, From The Earl of Middlesex.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thursday 15th January 2009

G'day. Well I'll start by briefly talking about the calendar. What a joke. Here we have a method of establishing a way of fixing a period of time either before, current or in the future and it is based on mythology, a pope's idea in February 1582 of how old the universe is and when a person was assumed to be born and a collection of out of synchronization of cycles of the moon and sun. It is in fact a religious time keeper of events based on one religion, Christianity. It does not include other religions in its make up and is thus saying to the world population 'Hey our Christian calendar is the TRUE UNIVERSAL CALENDAR and accept no other.' What a load of tosh! With all the advances in technology that we accept, you are using one now, it is about time that these clever people of the world devised a calendar that was based on universal FACT, did not include mythological names for days and even months and the year not based on the assumed birth of of one person. It should not be based on religion.

I am sure if tomorrow some religious leader or politician were to say that they had the idea for a new calendar based on the crappy things used for the calendar we use today, The Gregorian calendar, that person would be considered a crank. Yet we all do it, write and say a date that is just plain stupid! Look we say January is the month now. January comes from Janus who was a Roman god of doorways, gates, beginnings and endings. Oh yippee! We all believe in a god who liked doorways. I like like doorways, handy to get into my home, but I am not a bloody god! And take Thursday it is named after yet another god, the god Thor of thunder because he made a lot of noise in the clouds, strewth how many gods are there in the universe and where do they live? That is for another blog. So by saying or writing Thursday and January you are telling others that you believe in two mythological gods. Oh well keep taking the silly juice and pills.

Oh and because I live in that great big land down under called Australia the date here seems to be different from where this blog goes to so at times it may have TWO different dates on it. Strewth now you readers are going to be more confused. We have Universal Time so why not have Universal Calendar so that is the SAME DATE at the SAME TIME EVERYWHERE!

This means if someone is born in New Zealand then their time and date of birth is different to anyone in the west coast of Canada born at the same precise moment of time. Do you think that God did this to add more confusion and chaos to our lives?

Cheers until the next time.